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My girlfriend’s girlfriend,
she looks like you.
My girlfriend’s girlfriend,
she’s my girl too. 

I may or may not have, unintentionally, made it a tradition to listen to this song every time I dye my roots.  O.o

Type O Negative - All Hallows Eve

Good morning. My Halloween is about to reeaallly suck. So, I have decided to bombard you all with all Halloween-like or Halloween inspired songs for the remainder of the day. 


Acid Witch - October 31st

Lucifer’s Friend - Ride in the Sky

I needed to post the video for the full effect of this amazing tune from these pioneers of doom.

Funeral - This Barren Skin

On a more somber note, I absolutely love this album and the video could not be more spot on with it.

Pure sadness.

Candlemass - Emperor of the Void

Trouble - The Wolf

Snow Crash - Glitter Wizard

These guys are so fucking righteous! 

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