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Lamp of Thoth - Hand of Glory

All the songs I want to post today are too big so I have to resort to posting the videos.

Orchid - Capricorn

My god, this is fucking amazing!

Sentinels of Hate - Pagan Altar

One of my favorite albums for fall.

Pentagram - Sign of the Wolf

Hey my fellow metal heads! Check out Morbid Tabernacle! ⇢

My good friend Jake set up a metal blog to highlight and promote some of his favorite albums. In short, it’s awesome.
He covers a wide array of genres. Anything from the grimmest black metal to the most old school of NWOBHM and everything else in between! So there is surely something for all metal lovers.
Check it out, grab an album or two, and show some love! And as always, keep it metal!

Who’s coming to get you?

I’m coming to take you away.

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